History Founded in 1988. The gallery was originally located in Ferran Agulló Street, Barcelona. In 2007 the gallery moved to its current preises, a new larger space located in Cerignola Street, Barcelona.

Passion Bernat gallery, after more than twenty years of dedication to the antique trade, is currently the only antique gallery specialising in medieval art in Spain. A uniqueness that has been born from the passion of a team that admire the art produced in this historical period. A period characterised by works full of symbolism and complex iconographic language.

Dedication Bernat gallery always selects its pieces by collaborating with the best experts in the field. The thoroughness of this selection process allows the main objective to be conserved: the guarantee of authenticity, condition and beauty of each piece.
Once the piece is acquired, we place it in its historical context and artistic importance. It is studied and catalogued by the appropriate specialist to establish its creator and chronology, and everything else that can be known of its provenance.
Additionally, when the piece requires, it is returned to its original state with the help of a team of restorers following the same process and criteria used in museums.

Speciality Beyond time and trends, medieval art has the necessary aesthetic qualities to establish a dialogue with contemporary art. Therefore, Bernat gallery aims to preserve and spread a heritage that represents a scarce resource that shows us a historic moment; a place and a reflection of the world where our ancestors lived.